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TRAMPO'JUMP42 is a story.


The fruit of several decades of gymnastic, acrobatic and associative experience.

  • A women's team in National 2, for several years.

  • An associative environment with ten years of existence, an affiliation to the FFG in 2010, more than 110 licensees, around thirty volunteers).

  • A club with a strong past: creation following the cessation of trampoline activity at the Indépendante Stéphanoise club in June 2010.


TRAMPO'JUMP42 is a vision.


The members of the club have defined an ambition, values, objectives, a project.

At the same time ambitious and realistic, associative and professional, its conception and its writing were the subject of a concerted approach.


Victoire des filles en DN3.jpg
Bénévoles pour l'organisation d'une compétition

TRAMPO'JUMP42 is une ambition.


A stated ambition : "Bring the only trampoline club to life in the Stéphanoise metropolis, and become one of the best clubs in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


An ambition based on :

  • our experience (10 years of existence, more than 110 licensees, …)

  • institutional expectations (FFG, CR Aura Gym, CD Loire Gym, Town Hall of ST-Etienne, Metropolis, Region, Departments, etc.)

  • the dynamics around the Trampoline

  • the desire to offer a mixed high-level sport in the department.



TRAMPO'JUMP42, these are valeurs defined, shared and carried: 

  • a model club, COPY,ethical, responsible (sports, societal, economic, sustainable development, etc.)

  • club OPEN (accessible to all), humble, friendly, supportive, welcoming and grateful [able to work constructively internally, and to collaborate serenely with its partners (clubs, league ...)]

  • club PIONEER, innovative, forward-looking, ambitious (willingness to progress, improve, challenge oneself, imagine the club of tomorrow)

TRAMPO'JUMP42, these are  principes intangibles: 

  • club TRAINER (reference in the training of young athletes, judges ...)

  • club FINANCIALLY  SAIN(balanced accounting of financial contributions)

  • club GUARANTEE OF ITS DNA, its values and its missions, pillars of the spirit and the sustainability of the club

Trampo'Jump42 is a structured project who:

  • takes into account the experience of these  last years

  • specifies "where we are going" and "how we are going": our ambition, responsibilities, objectives, milestones, measurement indicators...

  • improves and professionalizes the functioning of the club

  • defines and carries the values of the club

  • secures managers against legal risks

  • shares a clear vision with licensees, parents, institutional and private partners

  • raises the general level of the club

  • motivate partners

  • highlights the collaborative work between the different actors

Aely et Pauline vice championnes de France Elite.jpeg

Volunteer board members

Salaried and volunteer coaches

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